Brooks Brothers Chefing Services





schedule consultations with me to get to know who I am and speak to me one on one about my background ,book me for you own personal COOK WITH BROOK Cooking class where you can chat with me while I teach you how to prepare your favorite dish for your loved ones

img_20161117_2024061Hello img_20161104_091324Thank you for choosing Brooks Brothers chef service  specializing in seafood ,Italian and soulful dishes ,healthy prepared cuisines, I’m brook and I was born & raised in Philadelphia, I grew up watching my mother prepare meals for us on a daily basis, not long after going to nursing school I  realized that although cooking was not my career, it  was a craft that I was exquisite at and something I loved doing ,my cuisines have brought so much joy to peoples hearts & soul , so I left my job at the hospital and I started my own business serving a wide range of the community, including businesses ,as well as family and friends    ,before I knew it I had contracts with several of the biggest hospitals in the cities as well as schools, daycares and anyone else who needed a home cooked meal, working most days from 5am and most nights to the wee hours of 2am, but satisfaction was to always be guaranteed and my dedication would go far and greatness would happen, so dedication was my main priority in building a  strong atmosphere that my clients could adapt to, after running my business for years in my home city, it was time for change time for growth not only for me but for my children, and their future ,although it was hard to make the transition it would turn out for the better, and I began to travel feeding people from  all over  the country preparing their most memorable events  as well as their most intimate ones,specializing in romantic couple dinners, a night of a genuine chefing experience right in the comfort of one’s own home, my love for cooking  is beyond greatness my dedication is strong and my quality is #TOPGRADE ,,SO welcome To Brooks Brothers  for ALL YOUR PERSONAL CHEF NEEDS , and I look forward to building relationships with my customers and catering to their individual needs, maintaing a clean safe enviroment as well as preparing healthy salt free dishes, is my #1 priority. schedule your private cooking sessions with Brooklyn where I can share some of my favorite tips with you, , NOW LETS GET COOKING, LETS GROW TOGETHER

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